• DOD LS430W Awarded “Best in Video Surveillance Camera HD” in SIA’s New Product Showcase


Welcome to DOD Tech Canada

Our high performance dashboard cameras ensures continuous video recording while you are operating a vehicle, recording every bit of important information for any purposes.  Whether you’re trying to film special moments during your drive, recording for video evidence, managing fleet driving habits, or just wanted a smooth and clear video of you driving through town, DOD Tech offers a solution for all applications.

What & How?
What is a dashboard camera, and how does it benefit you?

A dashboard camera (Dashcam for short, also known as "car black box") is a video recording device, which is usually mounted onto the front windshield of a vehicle.  While the vehicle is being operated, the device will continuously records a video footage of the roads and surroundings.

In the event of an accident, the dashcam would have recorded the incident as it occurs.  The footage recorded may be used as video evidence, to keep the user out of situations where someone lies about fault of the accident.  It also protects them from being a target of insurance frauds.

Who should use a dashboard camera?

Besides from regular daily drivers, almost anyone can benefit from the use of a dashcam, including professionals such as:

- Car Rental / Fleet companies
- Taxi/Limo drivers
- School Bus drivers
- Delivery drivers
- Emergency Service vehicles
…and more!

Why choose DOD Tech?

DOD Tech is the pioneer and leading brand of dashboard camera technology.  DOD Tech focuses on developing and producing digital products that are reliable, and of high quality for customers.

DOD is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which ensures that DOD products are genuine, and meets or exceeds industrial standards.  Customers can have a peace of mind when using DOD products, without having to worry about the safety of the products.